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February 23, 2014

Olympic Themed Sugar Cookies

Olympic Themed Decorated Cookies

I couldn't let the Winter Olympics slip by without creating my own set of Olympic Themed Sugar Cookies - gold medals included!

I have to admit that this year the Olympics have really been put on the back burner at our house. The winter games are wedged between my husband's birthday, Valentine's Day, my older daughter's half birthday, and the baby's birthday. Honestly, the Olympics just got lost in the shuffle. 

I've even asked my daughter if she wanted to watch the Olympics in addition to her allotted screen time for the day (the kids get half-an-hour of screen time at 4:30, right before dinner). She took me up on the offer once, but literally watched ice hockey for five minutes, then ran off to play. I guess I should be happy that she'd rather play than watch TV.

Olympic Decorated Cookies | The Crafting Foodie

But I love the Olympics. I love that athletes from around the world compete for the love of their sport and country. They aren't paid big bucks to show up like professional athletes. As ideal and naive as it may sound, I also relish that such a diverse set of nations come together, and for a brief moment, politics and divisions are put aside. 

Olympic Sugar Cookies | The Crafting Foodie

My Olympic cookies were focused on the gold medals. I was obsessed with getting them as gold as possible. I found the solution in the amazing Wilton Gold Color Mist Spray. I flooded and added the details of the cookie with yellow royal icing. Once it dried, I sprayed two coats of the Wilton Gold Color Mist. Allowing the spray to dry completely between coats.

I'm trying to get better at script on my cookies. It's probably the most challenging part about cookie decorating for me. I figure the more I practice, the better I hope to eventually become! The medallions in blue and white are based off of NBC's logo for the Olympics.

Olympic Themed Sugar Cookies | The Crafting Foodie

Even though the closing ceremonies are just about to take place, I'm eagerly awaiting the next Olympic games in Rio.


Olympic Themed Sugar Cookies

The sugar cookie and royal icing recipes can be found at the end of this post here.


Gold Medal Cookie Royal Icing colors

Yellow - Piping and flood consistencies

Wilton Gold Color Mist Food Color Spray


Gold Medal Cookie Decorating Instructions

1 - Before baking the cookies, cut out a slit in the cookie in order to slip a piece of ribbon through once the cookie is completely decorated. (After the cookie bakes, you make need to re-cut the slit if it closes up during baking. Re-cut the slit while the cookie is still warm, right out of the oven, to avoid cracking the cookie.)

2 - Outline and flood the cookie with yellow royal icing. Allow the cookie to dry completely.

3 - Using yellow piping icing, pipe the Olympic rings. Allow the cookie to dry completely.

4 - Spray one layer of Wilton's Gold Color Mist Food Color over the entire cookie. (Read the directions on the bottle before using.) Allow the first coat to dry, and then apply another.

5 - Once the cookie is completely dry, add the ribbon.


Olympic Flag Cookie Icing Colors

White - Piping and flood consistencies

Yellow - Piping consistency

Red - Piping consistency

Black - Piping consistency

Green - Piping consistency

Blue - Piping consistency

Gold luster dust


Olympic Flag Cookie Decorating Instructions

1 - Outline and flood the cookie white. Allow the cookie to dry.

2 - Using the piping icing, pipe on the Olympic rings. First pipe the top row of rings:  the blue, black, and red rings. Allow them to dry. Then pipe the yellow and green rings.

3 - Once the rings are dry, outline the entire cookie with yellow piping icing. Allow the cookie to dry completely.

4 - Mixing a small amount of vanilla extract with a pinch of luster dust, using a small paintbrush, paint the yellow boarder with the luster dust. Allow to dry completely.


Sochi Medallion Cookie Icing Colors

White -  Piping and flood consistencies

Blue - Piping consistency


Sochi Medallion Decorating Instructions

1 - Outline and flood the cookie with white icing. Allow the cookie to dry completely.

2 - Start by piping the mountains. Then use them as a guide to center the rest of the text. After the mountains, pipe the "Sochi". Then allow it to dry for just a few minutes. Then pipe the "2014" and the small Olympic rings.

3 - After the cookie completely dried, pipe the blue border.


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We LOVE these 2014 Sochi cookies and added it to our social networks all over the place. All we can say is WOW - darling, darling and now everyone can be a winner!!

We are so impressed with your decorating skills and creativity - how fun to be so talented.

Thanks for sharing these on your gallery at #simplybebetsy - everyone will love them too!

Sharon and Denise

Wow, Aida, these are fantastic. The attention to detail you display in all of your projects is outstanding. You are an artist!
And I am with you on the Olympics. I love that we can celebrate the differences in culture and language and unite to respect the superhuman achievements of mankind.
Love your blog, my friend!

PS - pinned it, facebooked it, tweeted it! lol

WoW!! I wish I could have cookie decorating talent like this!! I love love these cookies. I am so sad the olympics are now gone.

Your get the Gold Medal for cookies, your Olympic Themed Sugar are outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post with Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend!
Come Back Soon!
Miz Helen

Thanks so much Sharon and Denise! I love the Olympics, and I'm so happy I was able to make something to celebrate it!

Thanks so much for being such an awesome blogging friend! You kind comments and support through pinning, tweeting, and sharing on Google Plus has been so amazing! Your blog-love is much appreciated :)

Thanks so much Zainab! You, my friend, have plenty of baking/recipe-creating talents that are much admired :)

Thanks so much Miz Helen!

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